This post was written by Emilia, aged 12, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday is Isle of Skye because it has lots of fun things to offer. The island is full of beautiful beaches, amazing food and fun things to do. The Isle of Skye is also known for the weather. Isle of Skye is located on the North Sea of Scotland. It is very close to the mainland and not too far from Edinburgh. So, I would go in a  car which would take 4 hours and 30 minutes We would make some stops to look at the mountains and take some pictures. I would go with my family, friends and our dog and stay there for the weekend. We would spend time at the beach and then go climb the mountains. We would watch the sun set and watch the waves crash against the cliffs.

Isle of Skye is famous for its stunning views. On Friday if we decided to get in a car, we would make stop to take pictures and other stuff if we take a boat, we would have some food on the boat and we would go outside to see the sea. Once we arrive at the Isle of Skye, we would go look around like we usually do. After that we would eat something then go to the hotel. I would really like to stay at the Duisdale House Hotel because it seems nice.

Saturday we would get up early to see the sun rise then go to the beach to hang out. Then we would go on a nice walk with our dog then go back to the hotel to eat. We would go to Sea Breeze restaurant because I heard the one is of the best places to eat. Later we would go back to the Elgol beach watch the sunset then go back in the dark to the hotel.

Sunday morning, we would eat then go to Elgol beach and have a little walk in the cave then go to Dunvegan Castle to see it. Then we would go back and relax for a little bit and start packing then go back to the beach and watch the sunset for the last time. Monday we would get in the car and take 4 hour and 30-minute drive home . That is my dream holiday UK.