This post was written by Skye, aged 13, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday is to visit the Isle of Skye, a beautiful island filled with rugged mountains and sea lochs, located in Scotland. Although the island looks small on a map, there is a lot of activities to be done on the Isle of Skye; from swimming in the fairy pools, walking up to the ’Old Man of Storr’, watching the sun set over the Minch or even seeing the Northern Lights. There is so much you can do on such a tiny island! So many interesting activities to complete, it’s best to get at least two nights here – the journey to arrive here is so long, it’s best to stay as long as you can.

If I went to the Isle of Skye, I would visit the fairy pools. The journey from the main waterfall to the fairy pools are about forty minutes – however, the view there is worth the time it takes to arrive. These are magnificent, crystal clear, blue pools, on the River Brittle; no wonder the Fairy pools are called magical, they are such an admirable sight. The low water temperature, is as clear as glass – the people adventurous enough to swim in these frosty pools, will have a surprise chill, when they explore for themselves. Due to the information I have gained about these enchanting pools, I personally wouldn’t swim there myself, but I wouldn’t leave disappointed, because the pictures I would take, would be gorgeous.

Another activity I would complete is walking up the mountain to the Old man of Storr. The ’Old Man’ is large piece of rock, which stands tall at the top of the mountain. The landscape view that you get to witness when you reach the top seems so breathtaking and quite therapeutic. You can stand high at the top and take a deep breathe, gathering all your thoughts. Looking south of the view, you can peer at the Storr lochs. After researching, they seem so beautiful. The water is a deep, ocean blue, it seems so mystical, wondrous about what lies beneath the depths of the Lochs. The grass is as green as a forest. Besides the blue, all you can see for miles is healthy, green land. The sites must be magnificent, it seems worthwhile to visit the Storr.

One final thing I would definitely want to do is to see the northern lights. I would visit the Isle of Skye during the winter season. This is because, so long as the weather conditions are correct, the Aurora Borealis can be seen on a winters evening in Skye. The lights are magical, they are as colourful as a rainbow. They overpower with green; it lights up the sky. This is one view in a lifetime I would not want to miss, it really could leave you star struck. Overall, there are so many sights to see in the Isle of Skye. Just to be able to appreciate all the nature is the main reason why to visit the Isle of Skye would be my dream UK holiday – well, other than the fact that I share the same name as the island!