This post was written by Hushmeet, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Ahh. The Isle of Wight. The dream of mine that I wish could be a reality. With countless of activities to do. I glare at it’s amazing views and I would mistake myself of thinking that it’s a dream. I would go agile, go crazy and run around when I got over there. Oh, how much fun would I have? I dream of laying in the beach, eating ice cream and the water on my feet, tickling me. I would go restless on the infinite stuff to do- the fun never stops! Even though I have already been there once, I would long to visit again. I would go to a cosy cottage by the shore and just glare at the waves coming in at out. I would swim, run eat and spend the life like I never had. I wish I could, that would be fun. That too does it have very cheap prices- less to spend, more to love.

What else could I do? Well, one of the first thing I’d do is look at the sun setting- it looks beautiful doesn’t it? Also, I would play a lot with the water; I love it (one of my favourite things to do). I would go bonkers if they’d let me adopt or take an animal home. Any really, I don’t mind. As long as I take these bundle of joys home I would be ecstatic!

Nothing would be able to take my joy away. Not rain, not thunder, not anything can stop me. But, the thing I find most enjoying there is the zip-line. Though I sometimes find it quite terrifying, I’d love to zip my way through the zip course and see everything on my way. Not to forget capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Not just this is a dream holiday for me, but living there would be far better. With great employee response and super fun activities, it would feel as if I’m living fine, living good, living my dream!

I would recommend this highly to you because this is great and you would have to actually make a list on where to go and when before you do it all in one day. Who is this perfect for? Well, anybody really! Solo people, children, adults, grandparents-anyone! They would all still enjoy in this reality-like heaven. This is my hope, my fantasy, my dream to visit to!