This post was written by Ava, Aged 9, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Rugged, rural and crammed with history, my chosen UK holiday would be Cornwall. I have selected this destination because of all of its tremendous and unique qualities.

Cornwall is situated in the South West of England. It takes approximately four hours by car from central London, be sure to allow for extra time on the roads in the summer because they can be jam packed with day trippers trying to get in.

All of Cornwall’s coastal paths provide you with beautiful walks where you can observe the breathtaking scenery. Cornwall is home to the largest collection of plant species in the British Isles because of the spectacular Eden Project. Plants from all over the world can be found here. You are guaranteed to encounter two elephantine domes, structured to simulate specific climate temperatures depending on the plants. It is a must see attraction!

Around the perimeter of Cornwall is the periwinkle sea, which blends together like a knitted blanket with the incredible azure blue sky. Waves can reach mind blowing heights, the sounds of the sea colliding and crashing against the rocks will ring in your ears. The waves encourage ambitious surfers to flock to the beaches. The sea can be as cold as ice though, so don’t forget to take a wetsuit with you. You can spot heartwarming silky smooth bottlenosed dolphins flying through the sea into the air, and even basking sharks. Cornwall’s gorgeous pristine beaches provide you with plenty of space to fly colourful kites and collect intricate shells.

A delicacy to try is the Cornish pasty, the most traditional meal with some intriguing history behind its creation. Inside it is typically filled with beef, sliced potato, swede and onion. For Cornish men and boys heading underground to mine, it provided them with a highly efficient meal: self-contained, self insulated and packed with calories. The crust would even function as a disposable handle. Adding on, another mouth watering dish that will tickle your taste buds is the fish and chips. Regularly every morning, fish caught locally is served in restaurants to make it top quality. One of the best chefs located in Padstow is Rick Stein; another must to add to your list.

Fun fact, the Cornish region has its own language. Dolly Parton was one of the last Cornish speakers who was native to Cornwall. The Cornish flag represents the people, you might even come across it on the bumper of a car. It is used as a symbol of their identity; the flag was used in the crusades until it was contributed to Saint Piran.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review on Cornwall as much as I have loved writing about it. It truly is a magnificent place to see with so many attractions that will keep you engaged for the time that you are there.