This post was written by Lucy, aged 12, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

The sun is shining brightly; its rays of light beam strongly. Seagulls squawk relentlessly, but it does not dampen the joyful atmosphere. The sea glimmers in the light; the water’s surface gently ripples as somebody effortlessly glides by. The immense beauty of the sea is mesmerising. Nearby, somebody performs a breaktaking dive into the crystal water. In the water, you might occasionally get a glimpse of a beautiful fish with shimmering scales and fabulous fins. The harbour is accompanied by many unique noises which are very pleasant, as they are only found at the coast. Also, the amusing pier is filled with fun and entertainment.  Misery does not exist in this joyous place. An amazing smell leaks out of the shop doors: Cornish pasties. People relish the moment when they finally get to sink their teeth into these delectable, traditional pasties. The warm weather brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Ice cream trucks stop, awaiting hot customers. A flurry of orders quickly come their way; the delicious ice cream brings delight and relief to the local and visiting children.

The Eden Project is near the Cornwall coast. The Eden Project is stunning; the indoor garden portrays an actual rainforest. The long leaves sway gently as people brush past them. Tropical flowers stun visitors with their vibrant colours.  The humid air brings a warmth that is enthusiastically enjoyed by all. Palm trees strive to meet the domed ceiling, competing to reach the top. Many pairs of eyes gaze at the wonderful sight of such thriving and beautiful plants. Butterflies, excited by company, show their exquisite bodies off and parade around the room. Flies, more secretive, flit from branch to branch, too shy to introduce themselves to the visitors. Wonder circulates the room.

Land’s End is no exception to the gasps of amazement. It is the most westerly point of England. The dangerous cliffs are something to be cautious about, but it is guaranteed to fascinate all. It is the merge of two things so different yet so alike; land and sea. Land’s End lives up to its name- it is the end of land. The gently rolling tide soothes and calms distracted minds. As you might expect, the absurdity and obscurity of such a landmark could leave some shocked at how weirdly interesting it is.

Cornwall is such an amazing and unique place which everyone should be able to enjoy at some point in their lives.