This post was written by Rohit, Aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

As I walk across the warm, golden sand, I long for some refreshing  lemonade to keep me cool from the blazing hot sun. This  breathtaking beach stretches for two miles, shaped like a  horseshoe, curbed by shimmering water. As I look up, I can see  sheer cliffs towering over, reminding me of its ancient, mysterious  past. This wonderful place has everything I could imagine –  picturesque views, water sports and adventures! This impeccable  seaside destination is heaven.

The Jurassic Coast has unique, adventures activities that I will never  forget and is a place with so much to explore. I can hike in the vast,  green meadows as I try to spot deer and wild leopards.  Additionally, I can visit different towns along the coast,  participating in a variety of water sports, including windsurfing,  kayaking, scuba diving, kitesurfing or jet skiing. Despite the salty  and bitter taste of the sea, I will bask in the sun and explore the  clear waters around Durdle Door and many other lagoons. I can  visit the Historical Lulworth Castle and its amazing park that was  established in the 17th century! Also, I will spend some time at the  Ape Rescue Centre at Monkey World and see all the mighty apes  and, if I’m lucky, I might be allowed to feed one. At sunset, I will  climb Jacob’s Ladder and get a sensational view of the sun setting  on the horizon. I won’t forget to stop at the Beer Quarry caves and  investigate the exotic chalk carvings that date back to the Roman  Era. Finally, I will go to Charmouth beach and hunt for extremely  rare fossils, hoping to find a skull of an Ichthyosaur, just like Mary  Anning, who was born on the Jurassic Coast in Lyme Regis in  1799.

This remarkable holiday destination has so much to offer especially  if you enjoy history and sports like me. I’m sure I will never regret  this holiday as the experience promises to be extraordinary. The  bright sunshine will lift my spirits for a long time, and if I find a  dinosaur relic, I will give it to the Natural History Museum to put on  display. The Jurassic Coast- stunning views, water sports,  abundant sunlight, a wealth of history, fossil hunting- what else  could I dream of in the UK?