This post was written by Sogdiana, aged 13, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday would take place in Cornwall. One reason being that I can get hold of as mush Cornish clotted cream I want. Plus, it’s near the coast and I quite like beaches, since I haven’t been to many and would like to experience them as frequently as I can.

I would probably stay at either at an Air BNB or a hotel, preferably with a good view of the beach. My ideal view would probably be, a sand beach with a long stone peer which the waves would crash against. A few old pastel coloured boats and rusty ships sailing off in the distance, seagulls would occasionally swoop in and attack a sailor, (okay not the last bit).  I’d like to eat at almost every eating establishment I come across just to see how the culinary skill is over there. And to see what the preferred cuisine is. Since culinary skill doesn’t limit itself to one dish, so I’d try the specials on the menu from each restaurant and or café.

Cornwall is the type a place I’d visit with friends. I can just imagine wandering the streets, getting lost and ending up in a strange neighbourhood, miles away from our original destination. Or staying up late strolling around the coast, wading in and out of the tide, singing and making utter fools of ourselves. It’s the perfect story to tell your kids. Another perfect story would be you meeting your one true love, the kind of occurrence that only takes place in those romantic comedies.

This is how I’d imagine it’d go; I would be living in Cornwall for the whole of my summer, I’d be staying with my pen pal to save money. I would get a job at a restaurant as a waitress, but the day before I start my job I bump into a dashing, but seemingly cold looking man. I later find out he’s a sous chef at the very same restaurant I’m working at. We don’t quite like each other at first since I’m not quite a good waitress at first. But than my lovely and good-hearted personality warms his called scrooge heart and thus BAM we fall in love. There you there’s your Netflix original romcom! (regarding I’m grown up here).

It seems I’ve been talking about my “true love” for too long, even though the sound of finding “true love” is VERY tempting, I’d still much rather spend it solely with friends. Instead of spending my holiday with just one companion I’d like to spend it with a group of close friends, because if my dream holiday were to become reality, then I would want to spend it with people I can have a good time with.

When I was small my parents had a jam, jar filled with an assortment of shells, I really liked it because the shells were so dainty and had a pretty pink and purple pale shade. I just know that if I were to go to the beach, I’d spend hours trying to fill a jar with as many shells as I can forcing my friends to assist me. I looked up a few images on Cornwall and they have the prettiest streets! They have this aesthetically pleasing aura that watercolour painters would use as a muse, my friends would have to pry me of the streets. this is the closest I can describe my dream UK holiday.