This post was written by Maddie as part of our Children’s Writing Competition


When I got to the beach with my family I couldn’t wait to put my wetsuit on, grab my bodyboard and head out to sea! The anticipation and excitement was constantly rushing all across my body I was that excited. When we went to the surf rental shop to get our wetsuits and our shoes for the sea, I was peering at the sea in the distance and I could see the all of the waves crashing against the rocks and I imagined myself bodyboarding along the waves with my sister and I knew how good the day was going to be from that moment on…

When I grabbed hold of my wetsuit and shoes, I rushed to the changing rooms and got changed as quickly as I could, not wasting any time. Once me and my sister were changed and were ready to go we walked down the steep hill towards the beach and looked at all the people in the sea, surfing, bodyboarding, swimming and having a good time!

As I stepped foot onto the damp and sticky sand I waved to my family and headed out to the beautiful blue sea. My slow steps suddenly expanded to quick pacing and before I knew it I was running across the beach with a smile of joy and excitement across my face!

I stopped and looked down at the water washing over my feet and all I could see was gargantuan piles of seaweed all surrounding my legs! It made me screech inside, but I didn’t let it bother me and so I jumped onto my bodyboard and swam out to sea with my sister.

Waves were coming at me so quickly I had to jump over them otherwise they would of dragged me underwater! Whenever I saw a wave that I knew was worth riding on, I would try and get as near to it as possible and then I would
get onto my bodyboard, turn and face the beach, and run my hands through the water to give me a head start; the wave would lift me up and whisk me to shore and I would enjoy every moment of it!

Whenever me and my sister got tired we would go back to shore to see our family and have a quick break to have a nice refreshing drink, and then we would head back to the sea.

After about 3 hours of bodyboarding, me and my sister headed back to the changing rooms and got dressed and ready to set off home after a tiring but fun day. When we were ready to set off home we decided to stop at an ice cream place (for an ice cream) to cool ourselves down. It took us around 5-10 minutes to walk there but it was worth it as I got my favourite flavoured ice cream, vanilla.

After a great day of bodyboarding in the sea with my sister and getting ice cream, me and my family went back to the cottage that we were staying in and relaxed.