This post was written by Hina, aged 11, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

A few years ago, my family and I went to an amazing holiday in the UK, which was like living in a dream for a few days. We stayed in Lake District, Windermere at a luxurious lakeside hotel called Storrs Hall. It was a dream come true: the hotel mansion had a stylish posh lounge and big private grounds. There was a beautiful shimmering lake with a pier we could walk across, the scenery was unbelievable. The woods were perfect for family walks and the fields were marvelous for throwing frisbees and for playing other sports, as there was so much room. When we entered the Storrs Hall, Georgian mansion long driveway we saw sheep and beautiful wild flowers. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, the staff were so lovely and welcoming it was as if we were celebrities! We had a look at our grand rooms, which were astounding and the beds were so comfortable- when we looked out of the window we could see the stunning gardens, flowers and the lake with the pier going across it. When me and my family went on walks we always walked across the pier, posing and taking selfies! In the hotel bathroom there was a built-in TV, jacuzzi and a power shower. As you can imagine, me and my siblings were fighting for bathroom time! All our meals were delicious and the tables in the dining hall were outstandingly posh. Everything was perfect and well organised.

We went on lots of day trips, as there were lots of fun family activities for us to enjoy. We visited a near by lake where we could hire a boat of our choice, which we could steer ourselves and even I had a turn- it was so much fun! After that, my family and I enjoyed delicious ice cream, which was close the boat hire place. There were a lot of picnic spots on the green grass and hills, but we wanted to stay at the hotel and eat at a posh table instead of the grass! Near the extravagant hotel there was also cycling, golf, galleries and museums.

A few of the best attractions in Lake District that we went to were Peter Rabbit World, Cathedral Quarry, Rydal Cave and Tarn Hows. Peter Rabbit World was a small museum, which we could enjoy looking at all the Peter Rabbit characters. My little 3 year old sister loved it, as she was a massive Peter Rabbit fan. Tarn Hows was a place where we went hiking, me and my family enjoyed the bendy paths, high hills, water falls, the beautiful scenery and the picnic spots. Rydal Cave was great for exploring and adventures, but we needed to use our phone torches to see where we were going in the dark spooky caves. It was fun when our voices echoed all around the tall enclosed walls. My advice would be to take: wellies, comfortable walking/hiking shoes and a water bottle with you. We also went to lots of other places, which were easy to get to in a car. Over all I would definitely rate a holiday in The Lake District, 5/5 stars, I would love to go there again one day.