This post was written by Orlando, aged 9, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

For my dream holiday, I would go to the Lake District. It is an incredible place which is very peaceful.

The Lake District has breath-taking views of lush scenery and rushing rivers. There are many beautiful spots there too, like Tarn Hows, Kendal Castle, and much more. Also, there are a few mountains too, like Helverlyn and Scaffel Pike, which is the highest point in England.

The spot in the Lake District where I would stay is Kirby Lonsdale. It has great views and is close to Tarn Hows as well as the Seaside resort of Morecombe. Also, my Nan lives there, so I have a great place to stay. There is also a river in Kirby, called the River Lune. You can walk along the river and throw stones into it, choosing from the vast amount of rocks that line the riverbank.

In the town, there are even more things to look out for, like The Milking Parlour that sells ice cream. I am not a fan, but my family members would strongly suggest it. There is also a shop called Palma Violets, a sweet shop, and an alley called salt pie lane. It is called this because it was used to make salt and potato pies.