This post was written by Guraajan, aged 12, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

If I had my own dream holiday, it would start off in a caravan fitted with a bar which had tons of my favourite drinks like: all the types of Pepsi except Pepsi Max ginger because burp to much, Fanta, Tango , Vimto. In the corner of the van there would be a huge chocolate fountain with marshmallows and strawberries on the side, Parallel to that would be a popcorn machine which had tons of sweets and chocolates to make the popcorn sweeter and nice.

There would be a TV opposite my sofa which had a pull-out keyboard and mouse. It would be a over night drive so you probably think I would sleep on the sofa, not actually I would press the first button on the side of the sofa which would make the sofa recline back and turn into a bed. In the morning, I would go and get a hot chocolate filled with marshmallows. Later I would connect my Nintendo switch to the Tv and then play on that for a bit, I would look through the streak of glass circling the whole caravan to uncover a outlier of a constellation of trees.

We would be touring around the UK not just going to one place but hitting north and south. When we would get to are first destination (wales) It would be night so we would just stargaze. In the morning  we would go to this lovely gorge and waterfall I would throw on my tight and uncomfortable wetsuit. I would slide down the lovely waterfalls and squeeze through gorges. Later when I would of dried off I would start climbing up the huge mount Swindon we would thirsty by the time we got up so we would bring empty bottles so we could fill them up with fresh water at the top.

Then on the way back we would through London and go site seeing we would go past Piccadilly circus. In the evening we would just chill. We would go to a service station and eat. We would go to Devon where I would stay in a old, rustic cottage but it was still 2 hours away just because we’ve been all over England. The sun was shining and we were 30 minutes away we could see the cottage by the field and we couldn’t wait to get there and relax.