This post was written by Macy, Aged 11, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Hi I’m Macy I am 11 years old and my dream UK holiday is London. I would travel to London by plane with my mum, dad and my sister. I have been to London before and it was amazing! I really enjoyed it! What I would do on my dream London holiday is……. I would go sightseeing on the big tour buses. I hope that it would be a nice day as if it was raining we would get wet and it wouldn’t be that much fun! After a day of being on the bus I would go to Mcdonalds where I would eat a quarter pounder with cheese and drink a Fanta I would then get an ice cream to finish it all off, seeing as we are on our holidays. After my delicious Mcds I would go back to my Travel lodge and have a well deserved good nights rest.

On the 2nd day when I wake up I would eat breakfast and then would make my way to Oxford street where I would look in all the amazing shops! My favourite shop is Primark as it has all the latest trendy clothes and I can use my pocket money to buy some lovely tops. Later that night I would go to see a show, I don’t really know which one because there is so many, however I would choose one that has lots of songs and dancing so I can get involved. After the show has finished I will find somewhere nice to eat for my dinner. After dinner I would take a slow walk back to my Travel lodge, having had such a busy day and night I will be sleeping as soon as my head hits the pillow.

On the 3rd day I will go on the London underground tube station and the tube will take us to the London dungeons, where I will do a tour, I hope that it wont be to scary! afterwards I will take my family on the London eye, where we will get a birds eye view over the whole of London and regions around about. Too top off our exploring day, I would take my family to go and see Buckingham palace, where we could maybe see the queen and her corgi dogs. Having had such a busy fun filled day I would finish it off in style with a Pizza express for dinner, afterwards we will head back to the Travel lodge and then go to sleep.

On the 4th day, having had such a busy holiday so far and taking in all the amazing sights, we will have quite a chill day and take ourselves around the markets to look at all the local stalls and goods that are for sale. Later that night we will start packing to go home the next day. On the 5th day we will start the day off with a nice big breakfast and then make our way to the airport where we will catch our flight back home to bonnie Scotland.