This post was written by Emma aged 11, who was awarded First Place in our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream holiday would be staying on a Cornish static caravan site.

I would love there to be amazing views and, if I ever feel like a short walk, there would be a great one just down the road by a wonderful seaside fishing village with the best ice cream in the world!

There would be a posh caravan with three bedrooms (so I could go with my friends) and they would spacious with double beds. The lights would come on by just clapping your hands twice and, to turn them off, one clap. I’d make it so there is an open plan lounge and kitchen/dining room with large windows at the back.

Just across the road, there would be a wonderful dog walking field with the perfect view of the sea and the sky which makes it the best field for star gazing in! On the campsite, I’d put up an arts and crafts tent for kids and a cooking tent for anyone over the age of seven to compete in a cook off!

In the small seaside fishing village, I’d build a pub and name it “The Grey Whale” and it would sell famous fish and chips and a pints of grey whale beer. You could also take away food and drink but, don’t worry, the take away option is green because it comes in recyclable containers!

About 45 miles away from the site, there would be an amusement park called Animal Land with animal themed rides, shops, restaurants/cafes and hotels and there would be a ride called “Animal Bomb” and it would have every animal theme. It would be the biggest ride there and the most popular and scary. Back at the site, there would be a playground with swings and climbing frames.

Nearby, there is a cliff famous for being the perfect height for jumping into the ocean. By that cliff, there would be large rock pools and, in them, I would love there to be dolphins so people can swim with them!

There would be horse riding classes which would take you across the beach on rides. The horses would be kept in stables with stables for people to bring their own horses and maybe enter the horse race every Saturday across the beach at sun rise! The first place prize would be money towards the perfect horsey day of your choice, second place would be a new saddle and, finally, third place would be a new grooming brush for your four legged friend!

This would be my dream of the perfect holiday in the UK!