This post was written by Spencer, aged 13, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

London. The capital city of England. The dream holiday I want to be in. It has action in every second, every minute, every month and every year.

I wake up in a 5-star hotel in London and see the glorious view of the active streets. I rush down to the ground floor while getting changed halfway down the stairs, eat breakfast in the lift and brush my teeth at reception. I can’t wait to start my day!

The wonderful sunrise that awakens London gives wonderful sunlight. I rush down London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and finish at the one and only London Eye. I purchase a fast track ticket and instantly go straight on the first carriage of the day. It is private so I am alone enjoying the beautiful view instead of tourists treading on my feet. The sun has risen and London has now awakened. Buses, taxis, and cars have now invaded the roads.

I finish my tour on the London Eye and travel on the London Underground. The nearest station is Waterloo; a 2-minute run. I love M&Ms World so I take the Northern Line to Leicester Square. The travel is smooth and luxury just like London herself. The smells of M&Ms as soon as I exit Leicester Square station; it is astonishing! Mmm! I have another fast track ticket so I am one of the first to be forced in M&Ms world early. My goodness! They have a load more M&Ms then I even remember going there! I am having so much fun that the time flies to 5pm. It is closing time for M&Ms World. I had a load of fun today but tomorrow is going to be even better!

Tomorrow became today ever so quickly! I action the same morning routine as yesterday. The sun rises like a dandelion ready for a new day. I stroll down by the flowing water of the River Thames. The seagulls are chirping however, they were pesking for chips (no difference about them).

I soon bump into an Emirates Cable Car Station at North Greenwich. I have a VIP ticket which allows me to have a private car. The view is outstanding! Canary Wharf is covered in sunlight, Poplar is visible with its landscape and I can see Central London with the tall buildings including the Shard.

I arrive at Royal Victoria and a light parade lights up the night. It makes London a rainbow. I am exhausted I get the 42 London Bus back to London Bridge and collapse in bed. As soon as I hit my head on the pillow, I am fast asleep.

So, you may think that London is a capital city with nothing to do, you’re wrong. There are so many experiences to go through. Let your eyes open to the hidden London. The London you never knew existed.