This post was written by Freyja, aged 9, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

I dream of going back to Sutton On Sea.

I dream of the beach where the infinite sun stands proud in the cloudless sky and the waves are soft, calm and safe. Where we rode our body boards back to the shore, pulled by mum, looking for the fish that might be swimming below. Where jellyfish float in the glistening sea until Dad catches them in our brightly coloured buckets. Where we collect twisty shells and smooth pebbles on the blazing beach and build sand castles and decorate them with our finds. Where the RAF planes on training flights zoomed across the sky and the spitfire flew across the sand so low that I held on to my hat.

I dream of the splash pool, cool and blue. Where it waits for us to jump in and splash around, to cool us down from the flaming sun. Where we squirted each other with water pistols, laughing and giggling until it was time to go.

I dream of these scrumptious burgers and mouth-watering hotdogs and on the side chips and a squirt of tomato sauce. I dream of ice cream as big as a fist, a pillow as sweet as sherbet. Our favourite ice cream there was rum and raisin, strawberry and pistachio. Melting, dripping, covering our faces, sticky and delicious.

I dream of the Beach Hut Festival and sitting on comfortable blue red and white stripy deckchairs with a view of the beach. Where the people gather around the busy stalls and folk music drifts in the gentle breeze. Where, at the end of our day the cool tattooed men and women dressed in black leathers came riding down the streets into the busy town.

I dream of riding my scooter as fast as I can down the promenade past the long line of rainbow coloured beach huts, riding down to the parks. Where my brothers and sister played on the play ship and I went to the big kids zone to exercise on the equipment there.

I dream of camping at Sutton-on-sea. Where, we camp in our trailer tent and sleep in our comfy warm beds where there are cosy pillows and fluffy blankets. Where the big field is a great place to play football and water fights. Where we love to sit in the sunset and roast marshmallows on the barbeque with a cup of hot chocolate and relax. Where the cow woke us up every morning with deep low-pitched moo and the horses raced up and down the field.

I dream of Sutton On Sea.