This post was written by Elen, aged 13, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

How I long to stare, transfixed out of the train’s old windows and watch the beautiful green scenery appear with all it’s perfect wild splendour! The large rolling hills, clouds that appear to be in all shapes and sizes and delicate wildflowers that continuously bloom every year and battle all weathers! You guessed it, I’m talking about my Mum’s favourite place and a gorgeous, fierce country-Scotland!

I’d love to visit this country because lying between the busy, native wildlife, magical mountains and thick forests is a sight to behold…. the Hogwarts Train! This mystical old train features heavily in the Harry Potter novels and it is a wonderful dream of mine to sit in the comfortable red seats and watch the scenery change and beautify as the ride continues. How excited my eyes would be to stare and look at the striking scenery and my ears to hear the sound of loud, melodic birdsong! My beautiful dream would turn into an amazing reality!

The steam train is known as The Jacobite Train and attracts numerous visitors from all over the world and I’m one of them! I’d love to hear the choo-choo of the train and to meet the train myself! The train track lies nestled in the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct which is an incredible sight to behold. How lucky I would be to be able to see both well-known wonders at the same time!

Scotland is a country of wonder and mystery, full of delicious food, coastal paths and wildlife too! My family and I were supposed to be going to the untamed and green country, Scotland, for the warm, sunny and long Summer however due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have had to postpone our detailed and exited plans and will hopefully be visiting Scotland once it is definitely safe to do so! My Mum was quite upset as she wanted to take her ‘tribe’ up there and Scotland feels like her spiritual home. I also wanted to discover, learn and enhance my knowledge of the ancient and wild Scotland lands and explore the large Loch Ness Lake and other hidden mysteries that lie among the wilderness! We were going to walk, listen and look to our heart’s content! My sister was excited to stand-up paddle board and to spend so much time with the family and my gorgeous dog, a blonde Golden Retriever called Sebastian. My Dad was excited to walk along the craggy mountains and to stare at the gorgeous scenery and was excited for the map-reading and for the long road-trip that awaited us. We were all excited for the adventure!

I may not be going to Scotland this year, however…

I shall go to Scotland one day!