This post was written by Mollie, aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream holiday would be in wales because in the summer it’s not too hot and not too cold and I’ve never been before.

We were supposed to be going to Wales on May the 15th to walk Snowdon with my family, my two Aunties and their families. But we have had to cancel because of the virus which makes me feel sad and disappointed.

Wales is nice to visit because it’s got lots of lovely nature walks which is a very big tourist attraction with big views, and especially Snowdon, sometimes you can see snow when you get to the top! There are castles like Conwy Castle and Cardiff Castle. There is the The Devil’s Bridge, which is a waterfall and you can do the falls Nature Trail to the bottom but be warned it’s a steep climb back up.

There is the Hadfod Estate which has lots of restored woodlands and pretty gardens. There is also a garden called Bodnant Garden. I would travel there by train with my sister, Mummy, Daddy and some of my other family if they want to come. I would travel by train because we can all face each other and not have someone driving like Daddy and we can play dominoes and all kinds of board games.

We would stay in a caravan because it’s cosy and we can have a good view out of the window! Kids will have their room and adults will be in the other room. We would unpack our stuff before we go shopping and I will get a donut from the bakery (I love donuts.)

Every night we all would play board games, have a laugh and watch movies we would have snacks too! I would enjoy eating sausage rolls, pizza, pasta (pasta pesto, tuna and tomato sauce.) For a drink, I would have orange juice with ice and apple juice with ice, and a milkshake.

I like swimming on holiday, when we go to the pool I will get my flamingo called Jerry, it’s my favourite rubber ring that helps me float in the water when I’m tired of swimming.

My favourite part of going on holiday is exploring the place you are staying at! Sometimes hotels put bibles in the draws and caravans have interesting closets! I love holidays because you can take a break and meet new friends and do cool activities like skating on the roads and going to the nearby park.

On the last night we will go to a disco, we will dance and have a good night before we go home. We would all have a photo on the last morning. Even though I like going on holiday, I always miss my own bed at the end of the week so I’m happy to get on the train to take us back home.