This post was written by Kaylah, aged 11, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream holiday in the UK would be going up the north of Scotland.

I’ve been up there before and its beautiful and so nice. The way I would get up there is by car or train, the car would be slower than the train, but it means you could stop and get some fresh air. When we get there, I would go to landmark to do all the climbing stuff and also do the big zipline I went on last time I went up.

When I wake up I’ll have a very nice breakfast with bacon, sausages and some fresh eggs. After that I would go for a little shower and put some clean clothes on and then we would go for a little walk with the dog to go for an adventure.

Finally, we would come back to the house after a busy day and play a board game and then go to bed.

The next day I would probably do the same apart from we would do something more exciting during the day like going on a cycle or going ziplining. There is lots of stuff to do in the north of Scotland.

I went on a school trip to Ardroy which is in Lochgoil. It is really exciting being up north because you get some piece and quite from the busy place you live in you also get to see all the beautiful nature. And the smell of fresh air and flowers are just fantastic, you can hear all the little birds sing in the trees you can taste all the marshmallows being toasted around a warm fire.

My favourite thing about going up north is spending time with my family playing games and seeing smiles that I have never seen before. You can go camping and its really fun my whole family used to go my cousins, nana, grandad and my mum and dad it was so fun I really think every person in the whole wide world should come to Scotland and go up north to see a whole bunch of nature they’ve never seen before. The best part is the smiles and laughter there is shared between everyone there has shared. So, if you ever come to Scotland go up north and see the amazing fabulous sights and you could even go up on top of Ben Nevis.