This post was written by Oscar, aged 9, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Firstly, I would like to travel to my dream holiday in style so I would book a posh limo to take me there. Once I had arrived, I would go and book the best room in the grand hotel and stay there for three weeks. At the hotel there will be an all you can eat buffet that includes chocolate, chicken korma and lots more.  There will be a swimming pool, your own full-size football pitch, and tennis courts. My room must have a very soft, comfortable bed and pillows, ones very own personal butler will be there to serve me.  It will also have a slide leading straight from my room to the swimming pool.

When I am not in the hotel, I would be exploring the local area and play lots of extreme land and sea sports. I love extreme sports because you never know what is coming at you and what is going to happen next. In the city, there will be lots of lovely places to visit and lots of lovely things see and do, like go to the museum. The owner will know more thing about this place than the queen, who rules the country. He will tell me lots of interesting facts about what it was like in this city in the Victorians, Georgians, and Tudor times. I would get a tour around this metropolis by bus and by the time I come back, I will know so many facts about this wonderful place, more than I know about my own town.

The extreme water and land sports will be so cool. I will go surfing in the terrain called the Treacherous Terrain or virtual reality beach volleyball on Boiling Beach, with sand which is so hot it is like being on a tropical island!!!! Or I will go scuba diving with sharks and sting rays.

On the second week, I would explore more of this metropolis. I would go to the local village and explore the pebble like town which is so small compared to the huge city I am staying in.  Along the sandy coastline of the town, I explore some mysterious caves which lead me under the sand to an isolated island nearby! On this isolated island I will find a rainforest where I try lots of delicious new fruits.  When I decide I have had enough of the island I will ride a high-speed zipline back to my hotel.

Now that I have had time to explore, week 3, I would invite all my friends to come and join me!!