This post was written by Logan, aged 10, the 2nd place entry in our Children’s Writing Competition.


In the morning of a lovely sunny day, my mum and dad decided to go boating and crabbing. Packing the car with food and crabbing nets, me, my 8 year old sister, my 3 year old brother, my mum and my dad sat on our seats and got prepared for the hour journey ahead. On the way there, me and my sister were arguing about who would catch the most crabs (find out a bit later who caught the most). Finally, we arrived at the car park in Thorpeness. As soon as we found the car park, we found a parking space. It was now time to embark a new adventure. Walking up to the boating lake, we asked the man how much it would be for all 5 of us. It was £18 for an hour. Our rowing boat was named Mabel and it was a light brown. The kind man showed us how to use it and where to sit. My muscular dad rowed the boat around the murky lake. At one point of the journey, we came across a sign saying ‘BEWARE OF CROCODILES’ and we saw a fake one 5 minutes after. We oared the boat for around 30 minutes until my dad asked “haven’t we already been at this bit today?”My whole family thought that we had because we saw the crocodile about 3 times! After that, we finally found our way back. For the last 5 minutes, my dad let me steer the boat to shore. It was tiring!

On the way back, we also saw the house in the clouds. It was bigger than I thought. Since my dad did so much steering, we all thought he deserved a nice, warm cup of coffee. He enjoyed it. I said to my mum I was getting hungry and she said we would get some lunch soon. Trudging from place to place, we couldn’t find anywhere to eat lunch until we came across Thorpeness golf club, which we saw on the way up. Next to it, we saw a lovely summerhouse where you could eat. It was a bit early to eat lunch though so we decided to play a relaxing game of crazy golf. We politely asked the lady for some putters and some balls and we played a game of golf. Each hole was fun and exciting. My dad obviously won but I was only 3 putts behind him. Then, we wondered over to the summerhouse to get some food. I ordered ham, egg and chips and it was wonderful. BONAPPETITE!!! As soon as we ate our meal, we walked back to our car and got ready for a twenty minute journey to Walberswick.

Jumping into the car, me, my sister, my brother, my mum and of course my dad were all looking forward to crabbing. Rapidly, my dad fired up the engine and off we went. Before we got to Walberswick, the sat-nav took us to the wrong place. Stupid sat-nav. But then we found out that my mum had put in the wrong address by mistake. That didn’t bother my dad though because he carried on. Good old dad. Finally, we arrived at the right place. We found a parking space and unpacked the car. We got all the crabbing nets out but hold on, where’s the bacon. We left it at home but it didn’t matter because there was a shop right next to us, which sold bacon. We bought one bag of bacon for all of us to share. Finally, our crabbing adventure had begun. It only took 5 minutes for the first crab to be caught and surprisingly it was my mum!!!!!! After that, we were racking up the crabs. The family next to us had about 50! I know right. 50! We weren’t far off though. We probably had around 37. Very precise isn’t it? I like being precise. After about 52 minutes of hard work (told you I like being precise) we finished crabbing and I told my sister I caught the most crabs by far. But we didn’t walk back to the car, we walked to the beach for a quick splash. Me and my 3 year old brother went in the sea but my sister was sitting on the beach building sandcastles. We were messing about on the beach for about 40 minutes until my mum and dad called us over to say time to go. Stomping back to the car, our family reviewed the day and if we liked it. I said I really enjoyed it and would like to do it again and so did my siblings. After the hour and 20 minute journey home (there was a bit of traffic) we got home and unpacked. We really enjoyed the day and would love to do it again!