This post was written by Daniel, aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Day 1

We will wake up in the morning when mum is packing our bags ready to go!

We will definitely be lazy and sleep in. We will have lunch and then we will make our way to the school field, with our bags, where a helicopter waits to pick me, Mum, Alex, and Dad up and fly us to Milton Keynes! When we arrive at our destination; we look around our room and then explore the hotel.  Later we will have dinner… PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand relax in my double four poster bed… until the very next day.


Day 2

We will get room service and have breakfast in bed with chocolate stars cereal and hot chocolate to drink! Then we go indoor skydiving at iFly. We do all kinds of tricks like somersaults (I would dress like Iron Man (Heartbreaker)) and buy a video of our session to keep. Next, we have my favourite lunch.  Can you guess where? McDonalds! I will have my usual – chicken nuggets, fries, ketchup and with chocolate milkshake on the side.

After lunch, we sit back and watch ugly dolls at the cinema with a large pick ‘n’ mix and a large coke. I want to sit in the seats with controls so that I can make the front come up, the back go down and lie down as if I am in bed.

Afterwards we go back to the hotel and have pizza for dinner again. I love pizza!  Then another good nights sleep to get ready for day 3.


Day 3

Same breakfast routine as yesterday for today.

Now we go skiing at Snozone all morning! I will zoom down the steep slopes looking like a professional.  Mum will need to have lessons though (possibly Alex too)!

For lunch, we will have McDonalds again.

In the afternoon, back at the Snozone, we will all do the family sledging (I win all the races of course).  Then we will do the snoplay session – we’ll have a snowball fight.  I won’t get hit but I will hit Mum with snowballs by the million.

We will be very hungry after that so we will go back to the hotel for a pizza party and sleep.


Day 4

You can probably guess what we will do first – breakfast in bed again.

We then will go to do some trampolining at Gravity indoor trampolining centre, with funky disco lights on!  All my family will join in and have a good time.

For lunch there will be more McDonalds, of course.

Next, we will go tenpin bowling all afternoon! (I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

For dinner we will have more pizza at the hotel.


Day 5

Of course, in the morning we have breakfast in bed…

Mum packs our things again and we set off to Gulliver’s Land theme park in a limousine! The limo has no roof but high glass walls.  Inside we chill out in a hot tub.  Travelling in style!

At Gulliver’s Land, we will stay in a Lost World cabin.  I will have a bedroom to myself with a massive double bed to spread out!  We will unpack and get dressed before we look around the park and rides.

I want to have a go on the Jungle Falls ride! We will go to the splash zone with our swim stuff to play in the water.  We will do the Twilight trail in the evening, seeing all the dinosaurs as it gets dark!


Day 6

A full day of fun; nothing but rides and eating!  We try out rides like tree-top swings, the jungle river ride, the flying carpet, the dragon siege, the JCB zone and the runaway train.  Mum will have to hold my glasses so I don’t lose them.

Of course, I still want to eat pizza for dinner!


Day 7

In the morning we will pack up but then go on more rides and eat more pizza before we return home by helicopter in the afternoon.