This post was written by Rebecca, aged 11, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream holiday would be in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. It’s my perfect holiday because I dream of becoming a veterinary nurse when I grow up. I feel so inspired by Mr James Herriot’s work. I would like to visit Skeldale Veterinary centre. James Herriot is an inspirational vet. He wrote a book called ‘Every living thing’ and it’s so wonderful to see someone who cares for animals with every beat of their heart. His centre is still working, even though he sadly passed away. Peter and his partner Julian, has taken over the practice, and they still do amazing work every day saving animals, ‘great and small’.

We would travel there by car, and admire the amazing scenery on the way. It would take us about five hours but it would definitely be worth it!

I would like to visit in the sunny spring time because I would love to see all of the baby animals. Like springy lambs, chirpy chicks, and sleepy foals. If I could, I would try to help out at a nearby stables or farms. Autumn would also be a nice time to visit, because it’s harvest time. The colour of the leaves and huge fields would be different shades of red, yellow and orange.

The beautiful Yorkshire country side would be a nice break from my busy life.

I would like to go for walks in the rolling hills, climb huge trees of all shapes and sizes (Oak, Beech, pine, Ash) and explore sleepy villages. After all the crisp fresh air, we could visit Wensleydale and Bakewell to satisfy our appetite, where they produce Bakewell tarts and Wensleydale cheese, not to mention the lovely fresh bread, and all world-famous Yorkshire Puddings of course!

The Yorkshire Dales is also home to scenic caves and waterfalls and English Heritage. Which I think is a lovely sight to see, especially the huge waterfalls. I imagine that they are so relaxing! The water wildlife that lives there would be stunning, like mysterious Dragon flies and water boatmen. We might see bats and possibly even stalactites (water minerals which form in caves).

I would like to visit some of the local historical sites. I love history so I would like to visit a nearby castle or ruin-possibly some sites affected by the World Wars.

On return home, my head would be filled with memories from my amazing trip to Yorkshire spent with my family.