This post was written by Shaiy, aged 12, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My perfect day would start out with going to London (at around 7:00 and arriving at 9:00) with a couple of friends and family as it is my all-time favourite place to go, in the UK. Once I arrive, I would love for the to be a chauffeur for me but not a regular one, a took took! I love them as they are so bright and colourful and just plain fun. They would take me to a museum because I love museums as they give you only a little insight on the past which we know almost nothing about. I’m talking about the ancient Egyptians, romans, Greeks and the Mongolian empire. It’s really fascinating how today; most people cannot live without their phones and electronics when these historical empires where doing better than us at a lot of things.

After a morning, of education I would leave at noon and go off to visit the queen for lunch and after 30 minutes I would be escorted by limousine to big ben and the London eye and I would enjoy the ride round this iconic tourist attraction with loved one.

After this I’d go to Hyde park and enjoy a nice ice cream and after an hour or so at around 5:00 in the afternoon I would go to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay and eat and after this amazing night out I would end it with going to the M&M store and get a bunch of M&M’s and after stuffing my bag with hundreds of them I can end my day in the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London. They have a spa and I would have a nice night with a facial and a mani-pedi so I’m ready for the next fun day out.

After a day out in London, I would take a train ride down to Brighton and I’d start of by going to the British Airway i360 and see what that has to offer and then I’d go shopping for a little while and at around 2:00 I’d go to Thorpe park and go on every ride with my sister.

When I was around the age of 9 I went there but I was 139cm tall and they staff didn’t let me go the scariest ride there which was meant for people at the height requirement of 140cm. Now I am 156cm and I can go on it! After I rode every ride, I’ll go to Buckingham palace and arrive at 6:00.

I would take some pictures and go to Piccadilly circus and take picture of the lights and shop at every store at regent street and go back to the Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard London.

The next day I would get on a plane and go to Ireland for a nice day out and by that, I mean go skydiving and I would go to the Irish skydiving club.

After that I’ll go to the bungee jump in Belfast. After that I’d get a plane to go to Scotland and when I arrive there, I’d go to the national museum of Scotland for some more fun learning and get a plane home and that is how I’d spend my day/days out in the UK.