This post was written by Lucca, aged 11, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday would be in Conwy in Wales because it is very fascinating and it looks very beautiful.I would also go to Conwy because it has brilliant reviews.

The place I would visit first is The Fisherman’s Fish and Chip Shop because it is the highest rated fish and chip shop in Wales.I have read that it is super clean and offers the best customer service as well as the best food.

The first attraction I would visit is the Conwy Castle because it is as big as a huge red bus that has come into London.The castle was built in the late 13th century. The castle’s walls are like a never ending staircase that surround the town of Conwy. The castle walls are astonishing because you can climb to the top of the tower and walk right around the town seeing fantastic views of the bay, town and countryside.

The second attraction I would visit is the smallest house in Britain because it is listed in the Guinness World Record book.It has one room upstairs that has a cramp bedroom and one room downstairs which was the living space with a fire pit and a bucket full of coal.

The third attraction I would visit would be the Conwy Suspension Bridge because you can see awesome views of the Conwy River that flows like a chocolate fountain. It would also be a nice little walk for some fresh air.

The fourth attraction I would visit would be the Harbour Gallery because you can see brilliant paintings from all over the world including famous pictures too.

The fifth attraction I would visit would be Conwy Mountain. The mountain is as big as skyscraper. When you reach the summit you will see the entire city of Conwy plus I think it would be a great challenge to do.

The final attraction I would visit Aberconwy House because you can see medieval houses made of stone and I think it would be a great bit of history.

Whilst I am there I would also like to go swimming in the sea, build sandcastles with my family, relax on the bay and play tennis if this is possible.

I think people should visit Conwy because it is a wonderful little town with of history, breathtaking views, mouth watering food and a lovely place.