This post was written by Henry aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Luscious green hills engulf me as I wander the meandering trails. A golden eagle soars through the majestic skies. A furry, brown hare scurries away in fear to avoid the eagle’s piercing eyes. A strong breeze pushes me forward and the sweet aroma of wild flowers tickles my nose. Stones tumble below my feet as I get closer to the rocky cliff to take in the beautiful view of the loch. The crystal water reflects the emerald hills. Shadows lurk in the loch, sparking my imagination. As I look up, the stone ruins of the grand Urquhart Castle appear before me. I have reached my destination.

I have chosen the Scottish Highlands as the first stop for my dream UK holiday because I have always enjoyed its exquisite and impressive landscape. It is also filled with beautiful wildlife that creates majestic views. As well, many people do not realise that many famous landmarks are in the Highlands, such as the Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle. The area has an incredible, long history; from the Caledonians and the Gaels to the mighty Viking settlers. There is so much to explore and allow my imagination run wild.

I take off my hiking boots and replace them with my casual walking shoes. As I stumble upon cobblestone streets, I am amazed by the Gothic architecture. A booming clock strikes twelve and people scurry outside in search of food. My nose fills with the fragrant smell of fried fish and haggis. I follow the scent, still overwhelmed by history surrounding me. I get distracted by the melodious sound of bagpipes. It puts an extra skip in my step as I climb up thick, stone stairs. As I look up, the mighty Edinburgh Castle towers before me. I have reached my destination.

I have chosen the beautiful city of Edinburgh as my final stop of my dream UK holiday because it is one of my favourite cities. It is full of grand history and has been an inspiration for the Harry Potter series. JK Rowling wrote her first book at the Elephant Cafe, near Victoria Road upon which she based Diagon Alley. Charles Dickens was also inspired by a famous Edinburgh tombstone of Ebenezer Lenox Scroggie who sparked the creation of Ebeneezer Scrooge. Edinburgh castle was built upon a dormant volcano and the Scottish crown jewels were lost in the castle for many years. There are so many interesting facts about this city. Edinburgh is a dream destination for me because it combines my passion for history, geography and literature. I cannot wait to take my dream UK holiday and explore Scotland.