The Bard Walk

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Discover Stratford Butterfly Farm before visiting the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre. Enjoy the Tudor Works experience before calling at Harvard House and The Guild Chapel. Enjoy The Old Slaughterhouse hub before taking in MAD Museum. Explore the house of Shakespeare’s birthplace and the American Fountain before arriving at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage.

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Explore the rainforests of Belize in the Flight Area. In the Discovery Zone find out about the plants and see some of the world's largest and most camouflaged caterpillars. See the amazing lifecycle of a butterfly within the Emerging Cage and see stick insects, beetles, leafcutter ants, and some of the world’s largest tarantula spiders in Mini-Beast Metropolis.

Royal Shakespeare Company

As well as taking in a play or seeing some of the other events that regularly take place you can tour the theatre at most times or have a coffee or meal overlooking the River in this purpose built building.

Tudor World

Although set in an original medieval property this isnt a traditional museum with original static displays. It offers a chance to immerse yourself in Tudor living with video screens, media table and actual use some of the exhibits like trying on some of the hats or quill writing.

Harvard House

This town house has survived in its present state since the late sixteenth century (although some of the stained glass windows date back to the 14th century), it is now the property of Harvard University. Open to the public its strange and complex history including the story of John Harvard is revealed by its dedicated staff.

The Guild Chapel

It was built in the 13th century by the Guild of the Holy Cross and became central to medieval life. Today the Chapel’s rare and special wall paintings offer a unique glimpse back to that period. John Shakespeare, father of the playwright, covered with layers of limewash to prevent them being destroyed during the English Reformation. Nearby Trinity Church is where the Bard is buried.

The Old Slaughterhouse

The Old Slaughterhouse is a new arts and heritage hub in the centre of Stratford-upon-Avon which celebrates the town’s history by creating exciting archives of Stratford stories for generations to come.

The MAD Museum

For something different you may like the country’s only permanent venue for mechanical art. Promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Art and Design with imagination and clever and often witty design this may just encourage the family to put down their remotes and be more hands-on.

Shakespeare's Birthplace

Explore the house where he was born and grew up. Hear tales of Shakespeare’s family life, enjoy live theatre on demand and get up close to rare artefacts. John and Mary Shakespeare were wealthy enough to own the largest house on Henley Street and William was one of their 8 children and continued living in the house for the first five years of his married life.

American Fountain

Gifted by American publisher George W Childs in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee this ornate Victorian Gothic clock tower comes complete with Lions, eagles, owls and Tudor roses. A fairy sits atop each clock face representing A Midsummer Night's Dream. Although the fountain no longer runs, the clocks and bell still work.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

This thatched cottage is a twelve-roomed farmhouse where Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare, lived as a child, about 1 mile west of Stratford-upon-Avon. Spacious, and with several bedrooms, it is now set in extensive gardens. The earliest part of the house was built prior to the 15th century; the higher part is 17th century.

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Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4QU

About the The Bard Walk Trail

Distance: 4 miles
Cites / Towns: 10
Number Of Businesses: 1

Start a tour of Stratford-upon-Avon at the Stratford Butterfly Farm before heading to the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre. Discover years of history at the Tudor Works experience before enjoying Harvard House. Pause at the 13th century Guild Chapel before soaking up the arts and crafts atmosphere at The Old Slaughterhouse. Enjoy the mechanical art at the MAD Museum before exploring the house of Shakespeare’s birthplace. Take in the American Fountain before concluding your walk at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, childhood residence of Shakespeare’s wife.

Births, Marriages and Death

For a world-wide renowned author you can see his entire life history in this walk. From the house where we was born to his marriage at the age of 18, the exact place is unclear though noted that Anne Hathaway had their first child soon after. He is buried in Trinity Church.

Tread the Boards

For Shakespeare lovers there is a chance to see a play by the Bard in the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre or just take a coffee or meal and take a theatre tour.

Shakespeare Less

It’s hard to visit Stratford and not notice the link to Shakespeare but there are plenty of other attractions from the Butterfly Farm, to the MAD Museum or the delights of the wall paintings in the Guild Chapel and the towns multiple half timbered Tudor buildings or maybe a stroll by the River Avon.

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Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 4QU