Nottingham Castle

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From Nottingham Castle pass the Robin Hood statue on your way to Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. Tour the Museum of Nottingham life before visiting the caves beneath the city. From Nottingham Contemporary take in the National Justice Museum before passing through the Lace Market, past the Brian Clough statue to arrive at Market Square.

Nottingham Castle

Take in over 1000 years of history at the site of Nottingham Castle, including the Duval Palace and underground cave system beneath Castle Rock. Note – the castle is currently undergoing a multi million pound redevelopment and will re-open in 2020.

Robin Hood Statue

Unveiled in 1952, the famous outlaw’s statue stands 7ft high aiming his arrow at Nottingham Castle, surrounded by his band of merry men.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

Built into the stone caves, the ancient pub has a fascinating charm. Take a cellar tour to discover the origins of the pub, haunted tales of history, the pregnancy chair and the Galleon.

Museum of Nottingham Life

The Brewhouse Yard recreates homes, schools and shops allowing you to explore 300 years of history at the Museum of Nottingham Life. Note – the Museum of Nottingham Life is currently undergoing a multi million pound redevelopment and will re-open in 2020.

City of Caves

A maze of over 500 sandstone caves lie beneath the city of Nottingham. Visit the Anderson air raid shelter, medieval underground tannery and the remains of Drury Hill slums.

Nottingham Contemporary

Set in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter, Nottingham Contemporary is one of Britain’s international art centres attracting thousands of visitors each year to exhibitions, the visual arts and travelling performances.

National Justice Museum

Based in the Shire Hall and County Gaol, the award winning National Justice Museum features a range of exhibitions and educational programmes focusing on law and justice. See Oscar Wilde’s cell door, evidence from the Great Train Robbery and the dock from the Bow Street Magistrates Court.

The Lace Market

Part of the city’s industrial history and Creative Quarter, The Lace Market is world famous for its intricate lace making. Relaxed and home to bars, restaurants and creative enterprises it is a great place to explore and soak up the atmosphere.

Brian Clough Statue

Just off Market Square you can find probably Nottingham’s second most famous resident! The statute of Brian Clough is a tribute to the late manager’s work and achievement at Nottingham Forest Football Club, twice winners of the European Cup.

Old Market Square

In the heart of Nottingham you find the Old Market Square, the second largest public space in England, after Trafalgar Square - the scene of many events throughout the year and the gateway to numerous shops, bars and restaurants.

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The Britannia Nottingham

Britannia Nottingham Hotel, 1 St James Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6BN

About the Nottingham Castle Trail

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Start at Nottingham Castle, and pause at the statue of Robin Hood on your way to the famous Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem.

Stop at the Museum of Nottingham Life to explore the history of the city and then head underground to discover the network of caves.

The Nottingham Contemporary is a must for lovers of contemporary art and then you can explore the National Justice Museum.

Head for the Lace Market before pausing for another photo opportunity at the statute of Brian Clough, ol’ big head himself before arriving in the large open space of the Market Square – if you are lucky there will be an event or celebration underway.

Round Robin

The city is alive with the tales of Robin Hood. Visit the statue of the legendary outlaw standing outside Nottingham Castle – and may be join the thousands who have marked the moment with a selfie!

Curious Caves

Nottingham is famous for its network of over 500 caves beneath the city. The caves have been used for many purposes – enjoy a subterranean tour and discover air raid shelters, a medieval tannery and a wealth of history.

Nottingham Nuggets

The city is a vibrant place – soak up the atmosphere at the galleries, museums and other tourist attractions such as the Lace Market and Creative Quarter. There are plenty of places to relax and grab a bit to eat or drink.

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The Britannia Nottingham

Britannia Nottingham Hotel, 1 St James Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6BN