7 Oct
8 Oct

Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques – Third Edition

This conference unveils the latest trends of architectural technologies and computational thinking as a way of improving the performance of computational design software in architectural and engineering discourses. In a fast-paced world and in light of recent technological advancements due to industrialization and globalization, the way we see the universe has changed.

That being said, the conference will shed a light on the ways in which parallelism can be integrated into different architectural and computing dialogues through stimulating a discussion on topics of Complex Digital Fabrication, Augmented Reality, Intelligent Environments, Advanced Fabrication Technologies, Big Data and more.

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Event Address

University of East London
University Way, Dockland Campus London, E16 2RD, UK

Event Times

StartWed 7th Oct @ 9:00am
EndThu 8th Oct @ 5:00pm