28 Mar
13 Apr

The Emmetts Garden Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2020

The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt is back for another season of chocolatey fun and we’re already buzzing with excitement. As spring awakens, the bees are also waking up and getting ready for the new flowers soon blooming all across Emmetts Garden.

Sir John Lubbock, father of Frederick Lubbock who lived at Emmetts Garden during the later Victorian and early Edwardian period, was an amateur naturalist and wrote all about several different insects, such as bees.

In a bee colony, there are three different types of bee: the Queen bee, drone bees and ‘forager’ bees – who are the ones who collect pollen and nectar from their favourite flowers.

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Event Address

The Emmetts Garden
Ide Hill
TN14 6BA

Event Times

StartSat 28th Mar @ 10:00am
EndMon 13th Apr @ 4:00pm