15 Nov
5 Dec

Lefty Out There ‘VIVUS’

Maddox Gallery is pleased to present “VIVUS” by Lefty Out There, his highly anticipated first solo exhibition in Europe.

In his most recent collection, VIVUS, Lefty Out There explores his ongoing thematic obsession with simply being alive. Playing with beauty in simplicity, Lefty’s mark-making symbolises the artist’s thought process and challenges the viewer to embark on their own reflective journey.

Drawing inspiration from other great pattern makers of our time and the past, Lefty has maintained his consistent foundational pattern throughout the evolution of his works, while the viewer is able to recognise subtle nuances of change. To the artist, the marks signify life and movement. They travel with him everywhere.

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Event Address

Maddox Gallery
8 Shepherd Street, Mayfair

Event Times

StartFri 15th Nov @ 10:00am
EndThu 5th Dec @ 6:00pm

Additional Information

  • Contemporary Art
  • Street Art
  • Free to attend
  • Debut Solo Show in the UK