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Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral has been a place of worship, welcome, and hospitality for over 800 years. The iconic Spire (the tallest in the country) rises to a breath-taking 404ft, guiding travellers, merchants, and pilgrims to the historic city.

Things To Do at Salisbury Cathedral

Britain’s Tallest Cathedral Spire

Built between 1310 – 1330, our spire towers 123m above the ground and weighs 6,500 tons. Iconic in the city’s skyline, our spire acts as a beacon for those travelling to Salisbury from miles around.

Britain’s Largest Cathedral Close

Our 80-acre Cathedral close is the largest in Britain. The Bell Tower Tea Rooms offer a selection of takeaway treats and drinks to enjoy on outdoor picnic tables with stunning views of the Cathedral.

The World’s Oldest Clock

We are home to the world’s oldest working mechanical clock built in 1386. The clock has no face and was designed only to strike every hour. The mechanism is driven by falling weights which have to be wound up once a day.

Contemporary Art and Sculpture

Our Cathedral is bursting with art in various forms: painting, sculpture, architecture, textiles and more. We regularly are home to contemporary art exhibitions and installations, showcasing some of the most innovative international creative work.

Magna Carta

Salisbury is home to the best preserved of only four surviving original 1215 Magna Carta and the only copy on permanent display. Arguably Britain’s most important piece of written history, it was also the inspiration for the American Constitution.

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Salisbury Cathedral

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