Archangel Distilleries

Our tours last 1 ½ hours and include three drinks. During the tour, we will give you the story of gin; the story of Archangel and a visit to the still room where we will show you how we make Archangel Gin.

Tour tickets are priced at £21. We look forward to welcoming you to the distillery!

To make their gin, Jude and Peter use the ‘pot & column’ distillation method with the finest botanicals, from both Norfolk, and from more exotic climes, blended to a carefully crafted recipe. The gin is made entirely in Norfolk, not imported and ‘improved’. Archangel is a rich, complex gin bursting with exciting flavours. On the nose, the juniper, some of which is locally grown, floods through; the verbena and orange peel add a light, zesty fragrance to the top notes with rooty botanicals including cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom breaking through at the finish. Both gin and vodka are full bodied, deliciously smooth, and mix refreshingly with tonic. When used in cocktails they add great sophistication and depth.

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Archangel Distilleries Ltd, The Distillery
Dunton Hall
NR21 7PG

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