This post was written by Luie, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2019.

It was two in the morning and I was half asleep in my dad’s car. We were on the way to Somerset for a nice getaway with my family. As I was looking out of the window trying to make out the dark shapes going by, I had a quick nap and  suddenly of what felt like a second the sun was beaming down on my face and as I adjusted my eyes I saw the morning sun stretching across the hills reflecting off the beautifully crisp, bronze, leaves, as far as the eye could see. A few hours passed and in the distance I could make out some small grey structures it was Stonehenge. And as you go by its like you can’t take your eyes off it, like there superglued to it.

A few more hours had passed and finally we had reached the small village hidden amongst the trees on what looked like a mountain, to get some fresh air, I went for a walk to explore this hidden world wonder.  On the side of the entry to the village was a viewing platform as such and it was like you could see everything, the never-ending fields full of so many colours, the mix of yellow, orange, green all connoting autumn.

The next day came round fast enough and the mystery of what laid ahead wasn’t in the future but the past. We all went to Anne Boleyn family castle. A huge estate that must have stretched for miles, the culture engulfed in a single house , the rich history that lies beyond the walls and this wouldn’t be the first time we would go to a place like this one day we went to a castle upon a hill overlooking the countryside, a  country house with the most beautiful garden that you could imagine, a combination of flowers from the world, fruit that you didn’t even know could be grown in England.

The final highlight of that getaway for me was the cider brewery, we had gone to this apple cider brewery farm that had supplied the royal wedding.  just walking down the pathways surrounded by yellow and orange trees displaying the biggest, crisp, juicy apples you ever would have tasted, the cool air showing itself in the evening sun as far as you could see. If you could ever leave this autumn paradise and venture onward to see what else lies ahead, the views that would take your breath away, the culture that only the people who dare try to experience, memories that would last a lifetime.

That was my autumn getaway and I know that I am never going to forget it, I learned a lot that holiday such as how, if you’re so focused on trying to get somewhere, finish something, you could miss the moments that make them that much more enjoyable, how if you’re so comfortable just doing one thing you could miss opportunities of doing so much more. That was my autumn getaway.

About the Author

Luie Seward
Entrant- The Tourist Trail Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2019