This post was written by Emma, aged 14, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2019.

Every now and then we just need a whole day to do whatever we want. This day has one condition: it has to be outside of the house! It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s right around the corner or if it’s more than a few miles away, all we need is to be let loose in a field of limitless opportunities. My field involved an ocean of magnificent motors in a car show held at Ford airfield.

First destination, the car park. Such wonderful places these are, where people gather their metal boxes in clearly marked spaces, organised in neat rows. You never really know what you’ll find in one, it could contain a boring car which is seen all too often out on the road, or it could hold a rare supercar, dormant in its clutches. In my case there weren’t any super cars, but in fact old collectibles popular among those whose money burns a large hole in their fancy pockets.

Destination two, the actual cars. Some of these cars were gathered together such as: the Mini Coopers and Ford Mustangs who had created a beautiful display of colours ranging from British racing green to ravishing reds. However, some could be found scattered like sprinkles amongst the frosting that was the other cars. These were found in the car park that sat opposite the array of classic automobiles, stopped from entering because they were fashionably late. Most however, were waiting for me in parallel lines which each presented a new possibility, would it be newer or older? Faster or slower? More valuable? It was like pulling the cover off of each vehicle we passed, revealing things that should have been considered a treasure that even pirates would steal.

Moving to the left of where you entered was the much anticipated food and drink areas, surrounded by heads that were bobbing up and down in a sea of people. Some of these people could be seen admiring the displayed cars with a burger or ice cream in one hand and a non-alcoholic drink in the other.

Just a little bit further than these vans were even more lovable cars; E-type Jaguars and MGs stood proud amongst the younger newcomers like the Audi R8 in a stunning, light blue wrap that caught the attention of even the most hard to impress person. The Porsche 718 Cayman in a glistening snow white proved its worth just like the Audi. Although these cars were newer and more sought-after by the recent generations, the classic cars that were surrounding them won the attention of all who appreciated the cars that seemed frozen in time, a snippet of the good old days captured in its steel body. All these vintage cars took people on a journey back in time to their youth; to uncover memories that have long been forgotten.

Then we come back from our trip and to our final destination, a place that we call home no matter the size. A place where you can be you.

About the Author

Emma Arnold, 14 years old.
Entrant- The Tourist Trail Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2019

“I’m a 14 year old girl who loves to write and create artwork.”