This post was written by Sebastian, aged 11, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday would be to Woolacombe voted Britain’s best beach and also my favourite beach, it’s got golden sand and great waves made with clear turquoise water. Everyone loves to surf there.

It has a shallow stream to skim board and paddle in, it’s got different things for everyone, like in my family, sea swimming for my sister, body boarding for my parents, and skim boarding for me.

We would stay in a massive house right next to our own private part of the beach that would have a volley ball net and a stream trickling in from under the house with a beach hut where all of are beach stuff is kept.

At the the massive modern white house with long glass windows and red double doors we would have a hot tub, sauna and basketball net outside on the decking, and on the balcony a camp fire and deck chairs.

Inside we would have surf boards that would decorate the walls of six en suite bedrooms with giant beds to sleep on after a long day of surfing.

Downstairs is a wet room with jets of water coming at you from all sides when you’re in the shower so, that when you come back from the sea you can jump straight into it and wash off all the sand.

In the kitchen we have Italian coffee machine for Dad and a massive American fridge with an ice, lime and coke dispensers. To get to the garden you go through gigantic folding glass doors stretching the width of the house that opens out onto a beautiful garden that over looks the crystal blue sea , it’s like the garden is in the kitchen!!
In the morning even before breakfast we wiggle into our wetsuits and go for a surf it hilarious watching mum and dad try to stand up on there boards, for lunch we would have an Italian baguette sandwich stuffed full of salami, pepperoni, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and black olives delivered to our door.

In the evening we would sit in the hot tub and drink coke and watch the sun set and the stars appear, after that we would go to our own cinema room and watch a movie and then all sit in the sauna and have a nap then get out and go to sleep in our emperor sized beds, ready to do it all again the next day. Holidays don’t get much better than this…..