This post was written by Elise, aged 11, who was awarded Second Place in our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday would begin in a pretty, white cottage, surrounded by woodland and forests to explore.

The garden of the cottage would be big enough to run around and play in, with enough hiding places for a good game of hide and seek. Running through the bottom of the garden, would be a small, peaceful stream with a stepping stone path to get to the other side.

During the days spent at my dream holiday home, we would explore the local woodlands and on some special days, bike through the village to the beach to enjoy a morning  of making sand castles followed by fish and chip for a delicious seaside lunch to add to the fun of the holiday.

On our way back to the cottage we would call in the bakery to get some nice fresh bread to enjoy with lemon curd in the morning to prepare us for a day of fun.

Back at the cottage, we would discover all of the beautifully decorated rooms including the luxury bedrooms and spacious lounge and even the kitchen, which is placed at the back of the 2 story- cottage with 3 huge ovens and large windows overlooking the fields.

At night, we would be able to watch all of the night- time creatures come together and collect food for the winter so they can indulge themselves in pre-prepared food before settling down to hibernate over the cold winter season.

Each bedroom will be fully equipped with their own en-suites and king-sized beds topped with deluxe duvets to complete the perfect interior.

Back in the garden, there stands a beautiful, wooden hot tub overlooking the many wonders of the Lake District that are just waiting to be explored, on our next day of adventures.

The cottage should be fully equipped with kayaks and canoes so we can explore all the other areas across the tranquil lake.

Trees will surround the peaceful garden making it safe for children and dogs to run around and play without getting lost. Flowers look as if they’re floating as they dangle down gracefully from the top of the cottage.

During the day, you can see small fish swimming happily through the stream, and ducks wandering the garden and woodlands.

Down at the lake, we will be supplied with duck food and seeds to keep the ducks happy and healthy throughout our stay.

The kitchen, which leads straight out to the garden, will have a plate of warm, fresh scones and home made jam waiting for us to arrive and enjoy.