This post was written by Amy, aged 13, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday would be…

In Ullswater, the Lake District. With stunning views and lavishly green hills, this is the perfect getaway to spark a new adventure, exploring and trekking into a dystopian landscape. The accommodation would be a beautiful lakeside cottage, sporting rustic furnishes and unique quirks.

Overwhelmed by views of the glamorous glimmer the lake boasts, I would, with my family, spend a week here. But, before that we would be forced to skim our hands along the lake’s surface, and later plunge into the icy depths of the water. What do I mean? We’d hire a boat for a week!!

A spacious 5-bedroom machine, this boat would host extra cabins for interactive entertainment, such as a living space or games room! During the day, we’d explore what Ullswater has to offer, take refreshing swims and admire the stunning landscape.

We would stop at various discreet locations and trek into the lavish landscape packed with greenery and undergrowth, snapping photos at the peaks of exhausting, but rewarding, hills. And then, in the evening, we would retire back to the boat, and socialise once more with each other with a relaxing game, such as UNO, and sip drinks that refresh our body and souls, preparing for the main event: dinner. The meals would be based around Lake Districts culture and food typically consumed there, such as fish, with contemporary and traditional twists. I would also love a few classic hearty meals like a burger or spaghetti bolognese.

Breakfast would be items like porridge or even a full English, and lunch would consist of bread with a choice of fillings or rice with a mix of meat and fine vegetables, anyways, it would be something easy to transport and delicious to eat! And, on the topic of food, you can’t forget the delicious but super healthy snacks to fuel us through the day, like snack bars, fruit, pots of porridge, nuts and a few healthy treats.

Our routine in the lakeside cottage would be very similar to the one in the boats. Also, we would love to visit the aquarium and Beatrix Potter’s Hill house, a truly remarkable achieved person.

The aquarium would certainly keep us busy with lots of natural wonders to admire and explore, or we could take the more natural route and wonder at the natural beauties directly around our accommodations. We would then have to face the harsh reality of leaving this desolate wonder and begin a fairly short journey home, tired, but flooded with satisfaction and amazing memories.

We will still have the gift packs that the accommodation provided us with, though. They will be bursting with handmade gifts and delicious and healthy food.