This post was written by Maya, aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

Where is the best place to go for a holiday? Is it the bustling, busy city or perhaps the gargantuan, majestic and magical mountains. For me I have chosen an island holiday where the views are as pretty as a picture. Where the water glimmers like a diamond necklace and can go on long walks through the wonderful meadows. The breeze blowing hard into your ear. I will experience a start to nature and an escape from the chaotic city. Now which of the thousands of islands of the UK should I go to?

After carefully reviewing, I have finally chosen Tresco, an island just outside of the Cornwall. I chose Tresco because the small, charming island is particularly known for their sandy beaches and historical sites. I am very fond that it is a family run island and very children friendly. Tresco has beautiful walks along the water and exotic, glorious garden walks. The Abbey garden is exceptionally attractive which I am dying to visit. As I get boiling, there are lots and lots of water activities. I would adore to be on a boat rapidly gliding through the fluorescent turquoise water going as fast as lightning. I love the smell of the salty sea water filling the air. Beside all of the natural beauty, I believe the broken castle ruins are very intriguing. Some of the most interesting historical sites are King Charles castle and the old blockhouse. Some of my key components for a dream holiday is food. I especially adore trying new, adventurous foods as I am pleased there are several different restaurants in Tresco.

My last impression of Tresco is a gorgeous, exciting and lovely island. It has everything I desire (water activities, great food, fascinating history) and much more. I have no doubt when I come back I will feel as energetic as a playful puppy who just got a treat and as wonderful as a starlit sky. I hope this dream holiday will become a real holiday!