This post was written by Peter, aged 7, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

When I can go on holiday I would like to go to Legoland Windsor and stay in the Ninjago hotel room and I would go to the Legoland water park with my big Brother my Mum and my Dad also my Uncle and Auntie.  It will be in the summer so it will be nice and sunny.  Most of all I would like to go on every single ride!  In the restaurant I would eat french fries & a cheeseburger – my favourite meal, and an ice cream sundae with strawberry sauce. Yum!

Next, I would like to go to another theme park, Gulliver’s Kingdom in Matlock and stay in a pirate room an also go to the laser tag area and shoot my brother 1000 times!!!!!!! Lastly, I would go on all the rides and get a big ice cream with a wafer.

Then we will move on to Alton Towers so I can make my dad go on all the rides and Then go on all the rides with him and make him sick as he doesn’t like rides.  When we stay here I would like to be in the Splish Splash room in a submarine bunk bed and eat in the restaurant there, having chicken wraps with lots of mayonnaise (I love mayonnaise! – I am the mayonnaise king!).

After taking in all the theme parks, I would to go to Bridlington in East Yorkshire.  I have visited there many times.  It is one of my favourite places as I love the Bondeville Model Village because you can see an actual working waterwheel, harbour and hear the bells in the church ring.  It’s fun following the clues around the village and although it’s not very big, me and my family always spend a long time there.

Once I’ve been to the model village I will go on the speedboat which goes really fast and tips to one side and scares my mum.  There are good views of the beach from sea.

Following my scary ride I will go on the dodgems with my dad, the grabber, the Donkey Derby where you throw balls into holes to move your horse along to try to reach the end first and a Mario Kart racing game.  Then it’s back to sea in the pirate ship after buying a skull and crossbones flag.

Next, I will go on the beach and build some giant sandcastles and make a big hole in the sand with a bridge over it.  If the tide is near, I will go for a paddle and play with my boat.

To finish my holiday I will go to my favourite café next to the beach which sells massive cheeseburgers and chips and of course have lots of mayonnaise!!