This post was written by Jared, aged 7, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My best holiday would be in Skegness when it is warm.

I would like to watch the monster trucks and car racing there as that is fun I went before and it was raining and I got an airhorn it is exciting and loud and fun to watch the cars crash and lose wheels.

I would like to go to the fantasy island and go on the rides and spend my birthday money on the 2p machines. I want to play in the sea and build sand castles with my little sister too and eat lots of chips and ice cream. At night time we would be allowed to stay up late and go to a disco and play games some times you can win a prize which makes me happy.

I think there are loads of things to do in Skegness and I might see some sharks or something, sharks are awesome. If we could to Skegness I would stay in a caravan I stayed in a flat one time on holiday and it was very noisy.

Me and my sister like to find lots of shells and pebbles on the beach and sometimes you can find a fossil too. I would also like to go on a boat ride and find some fish in little rock pools but I don’t want to catch them I could catch some crabs though and then put them back in the sea.

I love holidays because I can have a late bedtime and have lots of fun and in Skegness there is lots of fun things to do they have a rollercoaster in a market which is crazy but pretty cool. The market sells lots of things too so I would buy some toys and a fridge magnet for my Nanna and send a postcard to her. My sister would probably buy some dolls too which we can play with in the caravan. I hope she doesn’t lock herself in the toilet again when we can go because it took a long time to get her out.