This post was written by Stanley, aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday is Legoland Windsor. I would stay at the Castle Hotel. It is an extremely fun and good place to go. It is best to go in the summer time because you don’t want to go in the winter when it rains and if it was raining you wouldn’t be able to do some of the most fun rides.

I would go with my friends Duke and Cooper, because they are really close to me and they are two of my best friends, they both love Lego a bit like me.

I choose this place because it has lots of fun rides and lots of things in the hotel that are made of Lego, there’s a Lego PS4, a Lego fire place, there are Lego plates, lets just say there is lots of Lego!
I know it would be fun as I’ve been to the one in Florida and Dubai, but this one is even more special because there is a hotel. I also want to go there because I have never been there and it is all about new experiences.

I also want to go there because there is Lego archery and a Lego driving licence. You could go gold searching and my favourite one is in the Lego Ninja ride because it is a virtual reality ride and you can pretend you are a Ninja. It is also a really good Legoland, it is rated 4.3 stars. I also want to go because Windsor Castle is nearby, so that would be fun to visit.

I also want to go there because there is a speed boat attraction and you can gain your boat licence which sounds very fun. Also my mum and dad would go with me to Legoland. We would probably book it two months before we actually go. I would also go there because there is a lot of astonishing and beautiful sights to see.

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could go there in a Lego car, train or bus, that would be epic! But we would probably go by car or bus. Also another reason I want to go there is because I want to have a driving licence in every Legoland. As you know I have been to Florida and Dubai.