This post was written by Lucy, aged 13, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My Dream UK holiday would be to the Lake District, in Kendall. My mum has always wanted to visit there for the week – end, therefore, I have been dragged into this agreement also. My mum has always been in to walking her 10,000 steps per day to keep a healthy and active lifestyle, and her mindset suggest that the whole family should keep up with that lifestyle as well. See a pattern here? This means that over time, I have slowly become not the fondest of walking. Unfortunately for me, if we were to visit the Lake District, it would quickly transform into a walking holiday. Much to my despite, the beautiful views and scenery that lies up north would most likely encourage me to enjoy the family time we spend together on our hikes up the mountains. In a nutshell, my ideal UK holiday would be to somewhere that could allow me to regain the happiness that I used to have when spending time walking with my family, and to have a bonding experience that could inspire me to have more bonding time with my loved- ones.

We would spend a day, or two walking up mountains, (hopefully not in the rain), admiring the beautiful fields and lakes, and appreciating the beautiful country we live in. The views would be spectacular, and you would be able to see the sunset as you approach the top of the mountain. It would be spring – time, preferably the Easter Holidays, and you would be able to feel the warm breeze against your skin, like would be able to feel at a beach in Spain. We would walk down the mountain and return to our cosy glamping hut, where we would snuggle up against a blanket, in front of a fire, as by now it would be moderately cosy.

We would then call the local chippy and order a traditional British fish and chips for four. It would arrive and I would tuck into my battered fish and crunch chips. The salt of the chips and the zingy ness of the tartar sauce would coat my mould, sending an explosion of flavour through my body.

Once we had finished, we would then watch a film and start to relax after a hard day of exercise. Sooner or later, we would go to our beds and fall asleep, ready to do it all again in the morning.