This post was written by Bradley, aged 11 who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream holiday would be to a gaming convention, as I have never been before and I enjoy gaming, where I could play against my favourite you tubers and have fun. At first we would get a bite to eat at pizza hut, the best pizza place on earth in my opinion, because they have a buffet so you can choose whatever you want and it is unlimited. After that we would play video games all afternoon, be we I mean all my family; brother, sisters and my mum and dad. Then before we go to bed in our hotel I would watch all the legends play video games while I drank cherry cola.

On the second day we would visit Lego land and explore the park. The go-karts are my favourite. I am not a fan of scary rides so most of the day I would build structures with the Lego while the others explored the rides. Before we go back to the hotel we would go and have a takeaway including kebab meat, pizzas and chips and eat them on the way back to the hotel. We could eat the leftovers for breakfast. Then to end the day we would all watch a move as a family, I suggest my favourite film, How to Train your dragon: The hidden world.

Day three would involve a relaxing day at the beach with nothing planned to do but enjoy the view. I would make sandcastles and try and make the biggest I could. I also love going to arcades when at the beach, the grabber machines are my favourite so I would try and win a teddy bear. Our day would be made fabulous by getting ice creams, my favourite flavour being cookie dough flavour and I would have one of those fancy wrap cones.

For the final day we would go to Xscape, one of my favourite places to go especially on birthdays. We first would do laser tag, where it would be two teams; boys vs the girls. But then it would get better and we would climb the walls, they strap you to a harness and then you have a go climbing each of the walls in difficulty. I think I would get to the top of most of them, there are around twelve in total. The last activity would be Gravity, a trampoline centre, where I would try to do a full back flip, last time I tried I was so close but just couldn’t manage it. I would finish my day with a pack of jammy dodgers, which are my favourite biscuits and a game of Fortnite with my friends on Xbox once I arrived home.