This post was written by Alfie, aged 9, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream UK holiday would be to go to Clacton with my Mum, Dad, sister Ayla who’s 6, Nanny and Uncle Aidan, near the beach, as its one of the best beaches we have been to. The beach is really sandy and soft and we sometimes go there to watch the airshow with the Red Arrows.

Me and my sister would love to go swimming in the sea even if its a bit cold with my Mum and Uncle and enjoy all the fun rides at the pier.

I would love to ride on a speedboat and jump over the big waves but i think i might need to be older, sometimes you can see other people going really fast and it looks really cool.

I would love to stay on a caravan site as we went on our first family holiday last year and it was really fun, I shared a bedroom and it had almost everything you would have in a house.

They had a big clubhouse with shows and games and arcades for us to play on, they had a big swimming pool and a couple of playgrounds too so I would love to visit somewhere like this again.

I met lots of friends last year who I was able to meet up with and so going to another campsite, I could make more friends.

I would love to drive around in the cars again as we went really fast over the bumps.

My favourite places to to visit are theme parks like Pleasurewood Hills and zoos to see all the animals, take lots of pictures and feed some of them.

As I have only been to 2 theme parks It would be great to visit more and try out all the big rides as I am tall enough now.

My favourite ride to go on last year was the pirate ship which made my tummy go funny and made my Mum dizzy.

My Uncle would drive us there too in his car as my Mum and Dad don’t drive and this also means we can visit more places like museums and castles that are near the caravan site,  which I also like going to.

For food It would be better to eat out at restaurants like Mcdonalds and fish and chips as sometimes the food takes very long to cook in a caravan and to take home I would buy sticks of rock from the beach to give to my friends and something to remember from my days out.