This post was written by Mabel, aged 9, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

On my dream UK holiday, I would take my mum, my cousins, my granny and my auntie.

My dream holiday would be a trail ride and overnight camp with horses. It would be in the English countryside but not remote.

Most days we would ride into the village to buy hay and horse food, tack cleaning things, food and water and to tie up and look around (maybe go to the pub as well!). To stop getting bored, we would go out on the moors for picnics and wild horse searching.

When it started to get dark, we would sometimes ride down to the beach for a sunset ride and then go up to camp when that was over. In the morning, we would wake up nice and early to feed and groom the horses, have breakfast and clean our tack for the day.

On some days, we would have a walk to stretch our legs and give the horses a rest. My granny, auntie, mum and older cousin are quite good at drawing so I imagine they would draw the horses, surroundings and us to keep themselves busy and me and my cousin that isn’t that much older than me would go off and play and play and talk in the tents if it was wet.

I feel like we would set up camp in the shelter of trees so me and her would probably try to climb the trees. The only downside is I would like to take the boys in my family but then that would be a lot of people and they aren’t the best at riding (don’t say that to them please).

Maybe we wouldn’t camp but instead go to Chew Magna where my Great Gran and Great Uncle live. If you don’t know what Chew Magna is, it’s a village near the English countryside.

I really like Chew Magna: 1. Because there’s lots of horses 2. It’s a lovely village 3. My Great Gran lives right near one of my favourite moors.

I’m an animal and nature lover and my favourite plants are palm trees and my favourite animals are, as you might have already guessed, horses. I’ve never been on a beach ride before but I would really love to do one someday.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my dream UK holiday, now good bye everybody out there!