This post was written by Caelan, aged 10, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream holiday would be at the lovely coastal town of Brean, staying in a caravan, just like the old days, I wouldn’t want anything fancy.

I would hope to go on my eleventh birthday, with my Grandparents like I usually do. We would go by car as I love going down the motorway playing car games. The great thing about travelling in the UK is not having to go on an aeroplane.

The best thing about Brean is the arcades, but the beach and The Rock (Brean Down), closely follow. I love the thrill of the prize dropping down slowly out of the machines and leaning down to grab it. I must admit the prize isn’t my favourite thing about the arcade, however, I do love the big fluffy teddies that I win from the grabbing machines. The thing I like the most though is me holding it up, the whole family regrouping next to the ticket machines counting up the tickets and the games we exchange them for, and then when its slowly turning dark the satisfaction of knowing how much fun we have had today.

Then on the other days we would go to the lovely sandy beach, the beach is massive so there’s lots of space for playing and right by the sea is where the best sand is as it is sloppier, perfect to stick your sand castle together. The Rock is a great place to walk up, and if you climb up the stairs you will instantly know just how rewarding it is as the view is beautiful. On top of it Their is a cool old fort, and a National Trust Cafe awaits to reward you at the bottom, with a refreshing snack and drink. Also there is an unmistakable fairground full with epic rides for all ages such as The Wild Water Log Flume.

If I had more time I would love to go to the nearby Cheddar Gorge and have an adventure in its caves, or The SS Great Britain to look at the great work of the engineering legend Isambard Kingdom Brunel. As long as I could return to beautiful Brean. Then, slowly, as the day is starting to draw towards an end and the pitter pattering on the roof from the rain stops, we’d all go to bed, looking back at the wonderful day and dreaming about the excitement of tomorrow.