This post was written by Kiki, aged 8, who entered our Young Persons’ Writing Competition 2020.

I want to be at a big, hot, beach where me and my family would go fishing and crab fishing.

Once I step on the sand, my foot will melt through the sand. We would throw rocks into the ocean to see how far we throw it and whoever throws the furthest will get a ice cream, but we all will get one at the end. I will build a sandcastle without the helping thing to make it and whoever builds the biggest one in 30 minutes will get to bury the other one in the sand and cover it with water on the face. We will play rock, paper, scissors shoot and the first one to reach 3 will have to stand in the freezing, cold water for 5 minutes!

Me and my brother will go scuba diving and find marine fishes to put in our tank! Even maybe a turtle in there as well! I’ve went crab fishing and we caught about more than 10! I’ve never went fishing yet, but I’m going to go after the COVID_19. I’m going to sunbathe in the sun and hide my brother’s slippers in the sand🤫!

We will go and find beautiful seashells in the sand and bring them home to put them into our fish tank. We could swim with the dolphins if they are out! If they’re not, we could go to a place where we can swim with them.

We will eat fish & chips for lunch and drink juice with it. I will read a book in the sun and knock over sandcastles with rocks we found deep down underneath the sand. We put our feet in the square block and enjoy the time! We’ll go on a boat to see the sharks and stingrays and the keeper will tell us amazing facts about it.

We will be having a swim with the stingrays in our swimming suit and watching the dolphins do tricks and feed them fishes. My cousins will come and both have ice cream. This will be the best day ever!