This post was written by Tia, who was awarded Third Place in our Parents’ Writing Competition 2020.

My dream day out with my family, would be a day out to Ilfracombe Devon. I remember having a great time when I was a teenager exploring the land and visiting the attracts. I would love to be able to share new memories with my own little family.

Ilfracombe has attractions for all, from exploring the land, hiking on the hills to visiting the aquariums and zoos. They have many different beaches, from sand to stone. I remember visiting a stone beach, where I found a heart shaped stone, this was my fondest memory from the trip and I still have the stone with me and my little family many years later.

I remember having a fear of water, which resulted in me being scared to go to parts of Ilfracombe that were surrounded by water and boat trips. However, I remember once I saw the scenery and was encouraged by friendly locals, I managed to pluck up the courage and take a boat trip!

I would love to be able to take my family on these same adventures, and hopefully my family will experience the friendly locals like I had the chance to.
After all the rush and craziness of the current situation, to be in a calm yet intriguing environment will be a good change for myself and my little family. Having a young baby under 1 has affected how much we can personally leave the house, and it has also affected the way we can do regular things like shopping but also affected the way we can help develop our little ones senses.

So, once everything is restored back to normal, I hope to be able to take my little family on this day out. As, it will be fun for me and my husband to explore, but it will also be great to go on new adventures with our baby, and hopefully create new interests for our little one. Also, my baby will be able to explore many new things such as, the textures of sand, the feeling of the sea and sunshine and be able to visit attractions such as the aquarium and zoo.

Growing up, I never had many opportunities for adventures and days out, due to our financial situation, but we always made the most of what we had. We would create ‘beach days’ in our back garden and have home-made ice creams and fish and chips. It used to be the greatest days of our holidays. I want to ensure I let my little family have all the adventures and opportunities possible. Along with visiting the attractions of Ilfracombe, I will also appreciate the free side of Ilfracombe, the scenery, the wildlife and also the fun times with my family.